Fee Schedule:

* $75, when paid upfront, for a 12 month time limited posting of your aircraft with unlimited description and up to 100 high resolution photos.  It will only cost $10 to renew the posting for additional years.


If I die, eventually the web site will too .....!


* No charge for making changes to posting

* Private email address to keep your personal email hidden.  The email address will relate to your tailnumber or model

* Free publications have become less forgiving and reject references to a web address.  You'll enter "view Dayton Aviation Photo for details" in your placed ads.


I'll take the photos if you are in Dayton, Ohio or you can send me digital photos of your plane.  You could fly into Greene County, i19, and I'll shoot the photos there.  It's included in the price.


Where are you going to go for Internet exposure with 100 high resolution photos and personal attention for such a low cost?


Check the pricing for listing your airplane and you'll be shocked.  I do this for a hobby.  I'm retired and I like airplanes, doing websites and photography .  I own an airplane myself.  A 1954 Cessna 180, N2999C.  www.n2999c.com  What an airplane.....


I provide the billboard showing your airplane.  All you have to do is tell everyone where the billboard is located.  Hang flyers at your local airports that include your web address so all the information is available.


Considering the length of time to sell, you can't get any better than this offering.


Email allen@dayav.com and put "help me sell my plane" in the subject line or call (937) 902-0645 and ask for Allen.

Last Updated: 11/29/2011