Except for avionics, the aircraft is completely original.

Comprehensive and complete inspection with Annual in 1997 which included wing removal and carry-through spar inspection.  The 2008 annual was completed May.


This airplane has a known history in the Central Ohio and Indiana area for the last 40+ years.


The 140 was Cessna’s answer to the imagined post-war boom in private aircraft. The idea was to make available an easy to fly aircraft that was sporty, as well as, inexpensive to maintain and fly. These aircraft were built from 1946 through 1948 and were all metal, except for fabric

covered wings. Cessna also built a stripped down model called the Cessna 120 which did not have flaps, the rear side windows or an electrical system. In 1949 Cessna came out with the 140A which had metal wings. This plane later evolved into the Cessna 150.


The Cessna 140 has the classic tailwheel look, is fun to fly and inexpensive to insure. The door windows open easily to take aerial photos. The Cessna 140 has many parts that are interchangeable with the Cessna 150, so parts are plentiful and relatively inexpensive. Plus,

these are strong little airplanes certified at +4.57 & -2.26 g’s. With a power off stalling speed of 45 MPH with the flaps down, they use very little landing runway.


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