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'56 Beech 18 E18S Project


Price: $9,500.00

Annual: last flight in 1986

Gross Weight: 10,100lb increase (STC)

Useful Load:


TTAF: 9644.3hrs

Beech kit #579-1 and #792-1 installed


  • Spar X-Ray (AD 75-27-09) Complied with @ 9320.0 TTAF, next due 10820.0 TTAF




A fellow named Richard says he has a 41 with many parts.


  • Cargo door installed as per STC SA995WE in 1984
  • Airframe logs back to 1972
  • Many of the original interior fixtures and light still in aircraft.  Included with aircraft is original air stair door (not pictured), all parts in photos, flight manual, weight and  balance info, airworthiness certificate, bill of sale, current registration, airframe log, and several FAA Form 337íS recording all modifications made to airframe.


Hook Field, Middletown, Ohio KMWO



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