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1965 Schleicher Ka-10a


Price: $7,000.00 for sale or trade.  All reasonable offers considered.


Condition Inspection:

Performed 2 August 2015

Due August 2016


TTAF: 4562.2 hrs


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  • Cambridge Vario and Flight Computer
  • Dittel Radio

Damage History:

  • Yes

web stats

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  • Paint: 9



  • Interior: see photos


Hangared in Waynesville at Caesar Creek Gliderport 2OH9


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Experimental Category

Serial # 007


Twelve Ka-10 gliders were made toward the end of the Ka-6 production run in an effort to compete with the early glass ships being built then. They had more or less the Ka-6e fuselage with a slightly different nose profile, while the wing had more ribs and thicker sheeting that extended further back the wing and a Wortman airfoil. The result was a delightful flying glider with slightly better high speed performance but slightly less performance in the low speed range. L/D is listed at 32-1. Schleicher then went back and built the Ka-6e to complete the production run.