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1970 Mooney M10 Cadet


Price: This aircraft is no longer for sale ..

Annual: April 2009

Gross Weight:

Useful Load:


TTAF: 2460hrs (approx)


Engine: (90HP)

  • 90 hrs since overhaul

    This aircraft was damaged in a hangar collapse and is being rebuilt.  All specs and photos were of the aircraft before the damage occurred.

    This ad is only on the site as reference and is not to be used as an indication of the current aircraft's condition.

  • Starter overhauled
  • Generator overhauled
  • M-20 Oil Separator Kit
  • Air Wolf Oil Filter
  • Chrome Spinner
  • Rebuilt Stainless Steel Exhaust Stacks
  • Push Rod Tube modification upgrade
  • Quick Drain for Oil Pan
  • Auto Fuel STC
  • New Series Carb


  • KY97A Radio

  • KT76A Transponder & Encoder

  • PS Engine Analyzer, Bar Graph Display

  • Digital Tach

  • Vertical Compass

  • Davtron 655-2 O.A.T. - Voltmeter

All AD's up to date. Beautiful Plane!! One-of-a-kind!!

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Mooney M10


  • Paint like new = 10

  • Tinted Glass like new

  • Strobe Lights on Wings and Belly

  • Speed Faring

  • Tires like new

  • Brakes like new

  • Battery like new

  • Grab Handles for Boarding


  • Interior = 10
  • New style Control Yokes
  • Rudder Pedals with Toe Brakes
  • *GPS is not included


Located on Private Airstrip near Dayton, Ohio