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Skybolt Project Sold!


Price: $19,500.00

Annual: 70% complete

Gross Weight:

Useful Load:




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Outstanding Workmanship

Over $60,000 in listed parts and accessories

Ready for your finishing touch

  • Complete Fuselage (5 stringers)

  • Completed Wings (top/bottom with gas tank)
  • All Tail Feathers
  • Cleveland Wheels and Brakes (gently used)
  • Fuel Tank
  • Full 2 Place Canopy
  • Two Windscreens for open cockpit
  • Flying and Landing Wires

  • Firewall

  • Engine Mount for O-540

  • Tires and Tubes (new)

  • Tailwheel (new)

  • Master Cylinders

  • Ailerons

  • Leading Edges





Moved to Canada



Seller Comment: I want a ride when completed!!!

  • Numerous cartons of fittings and miscellaneous

  • Complete Plans

  • Detailed Build Log

  • "Skybolt News" Collection